Few brands are so loved by so many different subcultures and generations as this brand: Dr. Martens!

Sizing info

All feet are different! We measure the insoles on every model ourselves, of which you can find the lengths in our sizing chart. This shouldn’t be the same size as your foot, as you need some room to move.

Are you in between sizes? Then picking the larger size with an added sole is most comfortable. 

Some fans will have shoes that only have the UK size marked. We sell the shoes in EU sizing, but the according UK size can be found in the sizing chart under the tab ‘Factory size’. In this case it’s different from the UK size tab, Docs are just a little different.

Breaking them in

There’s a reason we say ‘once you break them in you won’t want anything else!’ Dr. Martens are made of high quality, yet firm materials, which makes breaking them in usually necessary. How long this takes is different for everyone. Because well, how often do you wear them, how sensitive are your feet, what are you used to? This doesn’t apply to the kids shoes of course ;)

Tips for breaking in your Docs:

  • Be patient: Wear them the first day for about 15 minutes and gradually increase the time.
  • Wear thick socks to help decrease friction. Don’t forget to loosen up the laces to prevent your feet from getting pinched.
  • Do you know your sensitive areas or can you feel it scrape? Blister plasters are a good way to prevent blisters.
  • Does the leather feel just a little tight (we don’t mean a wrong size)? Try breaking them in with socks you’ve wet with lukewarm water, this makes the leather expand.

Want to break them in even quicker? Try the surprisingly soft Virginia leather, you will be shocked!

Materials and maintenance

Most of our Docs are made of cow leather, which is mostly from North and South America (according to the Dr. Martens website ‘The largest beef-producing regions in the world and as such they have one of the world's highest standards of animal husbandry and animal welfare’). Because Docs are often made with natural materials there can be slight differences in colour, patterns and prints. Making them more individual and special!

Vegan: Does the title say Vegan? Then this item is 100% free of animals!

Lacquer: Used to be just for school shoes, nowadays it’s cool and seductive: patent lacquer! Lacquer is however sensitive to scratches and folds are common too, because lacquer doesn’t loosen up.

Specifically for maintaining Dr. Martens we sell Miracle Balm: a natural and synthetic wax which is designed for hydrating, nurturing and protecting the leather. The formula keeps most types of leather soft and flexible without brushing them up.

  • Rub a little Miracle balm on the outside of your boots to make the leather softer.
  • This product adds a protective layer and a subtle shimmer.
  • Can be used on all types of leather except for suede
  • Brushing up is not necessary

Docs truely are workhorses and not showpony’s however: wrinkles where the shoe folds are more than common. Have any issues within 6 months of purchasing? Be sure to contact us on service@succubus.nl

Dr Martens are iconic for a reason and we can't get enough of them... Do you as a true Doc-fan have any more tips or tricks? Share them with us on service@succubus.com and we’ll add them!

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