Dr. Martens Voss Hydro Quad Platform Sandals Black

Dr. Martens
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Few brands are so loved by so many subcultures and generations. We proudly present: Dr. Martens!

We keep wearing our 1460's without batting an eye even during a heatwave, but a good pair of sandals like Voss makes things a whole lot....cooler ;) These extraordinary lighweight sandals are nicely open with the wide straps, and high platform-soles (with even another elevation on them!), yet they're unmistakably Docs with the yellow stitchings. They're made of fine leather and super soft to wear. The last strap is adjustable.

Some technical details: The airwair sole is oil and fat resistant and have a good grip. They have a goodyear edge on the sole, meaning that the shoe and the sole are welded and sown together instead of just glued. These sandals can take on the world!

Our special Dr. Martens info-pageprovides tips & tricks, additions are always welcome ;)

Platform height: 6 cm. Materials: Leather.
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