Irregular Choice Gaming Power Up Shoes Purple

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Level Up with the Gaming collection!

Are you ready for the Power Up loafers? These brilliant shoes are covered in a recognisable pattern with game-inspired figurines on a beautiful quality faux leather. And as a bonus they have GAME-OVER embroidered across the two shoes, with a metallic pixelated love heart ;) The white soles are embellished with a purple edge that appears to be dripping down.

Let's Go! Note from the measurement team: 'These feel divine!' This is a one of a kind collection which means, you snooze you lose!

Height sole on the back: 2,5 cm. Materials: Textile and PU. The pink edge may contain an interruption.
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Super Qualität, und wunderschön

Tatsächlich lohnt sich der Preis. Ich bin wahnsinnig begeistert. Danke :)

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