Irregular Choice Kitty Walk 80's Sneakers Purple

€149,95 Ex. VAT & Duty
How would you call this kitty and doggy? Because, well 2 shoes mean 2 different friends!

Left has an extraordinarily well moustache-d doggy head, finished with ears that poke out! The eyebrows as well as the moustache are actually hairy, and the eyes are embroidered in a lively way. Same goes for the kitty on the right, but with glitter on the whiskers and fluffy ears!

Curiously they're looking at you from a holographic shimmering background with a red-white-blue lace that runs across the pink glitter tongue.
Super convenient: They close with a zipper on the inside!

Never having to choose between your favorite animals :)

Height of sole in the back:4 cm. Materials: Textile and others.
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