Irregular Choice Muppets Supercouple Pumps Multi

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When Kermit Met Piggy! These bejewelled character heels are a celebration of the beloved Kermit the frog and the unstoppable Miss Piggy. Featuring a cascade of multi-coloured jewels on the upper with Kermit and Piggy speech bubble embroidery, a glittery platform, the iconic pair on the toe and to finish it off an amazing Miss Piggy character heel, striking a pose with a real skirt!

Miss Piggy is such a HIII-YAAA Diva, that she dominates the Supercouple pumps heels! She likes sharing the nose with her beloved Kermit though, both in a soft textile. The sides are also to her taste, with bling-bling stones, a glitter platform and soft speech bubbles.

These pieces of art have a soft footbed, a playful Muppet lining and a special detail: The skirt can be switched up between pink and blue!

Supercouple, an ode to the ultimate Love Story...

The heel is 10 cm tall, but feels like less thanks to the 1,5 cm platform. Materials: Faux-leather and textile.

This offical collection will only be released once, so there's limited stock! Returning or exchanging? Be sure to send the loose skirts with, otherwise it will not be complete.
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