Irregular Choice Sunshine Splash Lemon Pumps Purple

€152,95 €76,95
Woah, those lemons sure taste strange... Oh wait, it's not for licking, it's a shoe heel!

Such an explosion of colours and materials! Metallic apples, love hearts, rainbows, with different textures, from lines to scales... And then that layer of glitter in all sorts of colours, into which pot of magic did this beauty fall?

The lemon-heel has a flat foot for added convenience, the bottom isn't just covered in a cheerful print, but just above the heel it has yellow glitters, as if you've stepped right on a piece of fruit!

The sole is covered in a playful print, for which you can use a pair of our special Sole Protectors for some extra grip and protection. Because of the tapered front and lovely soft footbed these feel like a tart dream to wear.

Don't be surprised when you've suddenly got people hanging from your feet!

Height of heel: 7 cm. Materials: Others.
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