Irregular Choice Xmas Sleigh Ride Boots

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It's night in the city, only Santa is outside delivering presents in his sleigh...

Highlights first: You can light the nightsky in different colours and rhythms, with the built-in rechargeable LED lamps! The second surprise awaits you in the back. Santa Clause himself in his glitter suit is the heel, he literally supports you ;)

You almost don't know where to look first, there is so much goin on! You see the lit windows of an embroidered city in front of a pitch black night. White glitters are sparkling in waves like snow along the bottom of both shoes. On the upper ends, there are green sparkling Christmas trees with real golden bows as tip on the metallic underground and above red glitter borders with big plastic gems.

In the left shoe, embroidered snowflakes are whirling through the night, you can even see a big falling star! The inside is sparkling blue. The right shoe is showing Santa Clause in his sleigh, delivering presents all over the city with his reindeer. The inside is shimmering in oil colours.

The heels of 11 cm height are easy to walk on thanks to the 2,5 cm platform and the soft footbed, You close the boots with a zipper in the back. The sole is adorned with a special print, that you can preserve with the Irregular Choice Sole Protectors.

Be quick, Santa can't wait too long! In our sizing chart, you can find the length of the insoles per size, which you can best compare to a well fitting shoe.

Heels: 11 cm. Platform: 2,5 cm. Materials: Others
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