They're the ultimate symbol for 50's fashion and Rock 'n Roll: Petticoats!

Our extraordinarily fluffy petticoats consist of 2 layers of soft 2-row chiffon with both a cheerfully ruffled edge for even more added volume. Underneath is a shorter underskirt, so they don't stick to your tights.

Our petticoats come in 3 different lengths:
Long: reaches below the knee with a length of 1,70
Knee length: reaches just on the knee with a length of 1,70
Short: reaches well above the knee with a length of 1,70

But there’s more! The top edge is made of a double layer of soft satin, with 3 'tunnels'. The upper one standardly hold the elastic, but by releasing the button you can’t just shorten it, but also take it out and run it through a lower tunnel. No matter the length of your petticoat, you can shorten it by 3 or 6 cm. This way you can combine her with even more dresses!

Petticoats are supposed to neatly line up with your dress, but you can also let a small edge peek out underneath to create a cheerful effect. But…. Is your petticoat too short? Then you’ll get a very funny effect similar to how a lampshade is built: Full of volume up top and then where the petticoat ends it’s just straight down and flimsy.

To order the right length it’s best to look at our descriptions, which read ‘with a length of 1,70 this skirt reaches…’ And don’t forget about those tunnels ;)

Petticoats completely finish off your vintage swing look and they’re soft and fluffy as well ;)

To conclude: They’re a musthave in all types and colours for fans of 50’s swing dresses!

Petticoats only need washing when they’re truly dirty. You can wash them in the washing machine at 30°C on a delicate program, or hand wash. Lay them down to dry, do not machine dry and of course don’t bleach or iron them. Don’t forget our petticoat storage and laundry bags! Not enough room? A petticoat only takes as much space as you allow it to, just like a sleeping bag! Our tip? Try Vacuum bags or roll it up as tightly as you can and keep it in a small bag. They’ll return to their fluffy self again as soon as they get the room they need.

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