Irregular Choice Evil Daisy Pumps Lilac
They're a little creepy and oh so cute: the friends on Evil Daisy!Teddybears: From your nursery now as ghoulish heel of 9,5 cm, how could you resist such a face?The shoe itself is also a joy to the eye with...
€202,95 €142,07
Collectif Heather Quilted Velvet 40's Swing Coat Purple
Dramatically beautiful, that's the Heather Quilted Velvet Hooded Coat!The name says it all, this beautiful coat is made of a tough velvet that is stitched al the way true so a diamond pattern arises. The purple velvet gives a mysterious...
€165,95 €132,76
Irregular Choice All Friends Together Pumps Purple
A mouse on a pumpkin? It's almost like a fairytale!All Friends Together is richly decorated with everything that makes autumn beautiful, from embroidered animals and flowers to autumnleafs, on a joyful metallics. Even the velvet bow is adorned with a...
€107,95 €75,57
Irregular Choice Have A Mice Day Flats Purple
All those stunning details are embroidered, with an velvet background of leaves. The wavy metallic edge and glitters on the back, and the just 2 cm tall heel finishes the party.Her soft foot bed has a layer of velvet. Her...
€116,95 €81,87
Unique Vintage Smak Parlour She.E.O. Scaredy Cat 60's A-Line Dress Black Purple
Scaredy Cat? Maybe, but an absolutely stylish one!Which one is your favourite detail: the stylish 40's inspired sleeves made of crepe, slightly puffy with cuffs and adorned with Scaredy Cats, or the extraordinairily elegant pussybow? To make it even harder,...
€103,95 €83,16
Unique Vintage x My Little Pony Satin Bomber Jacket Purple
Materials: 100% polyester. Washing instructions: machine wash at 30°C, don't tumble dry, don't bleach, iron inside out
€136,95 €109,56
Loungefly Scooby Doo Monster Chase Backpack Multi
Don't be spooked by the Glow-in-the-Dark ghosts that are hunting Scooby Doo!This backpack is spacious enough for a bottle of water, your phone, a big wallet and your essentials. The high quality faux-leather keeps its shape nicely and it has...
€78,95 €55,27
Loungefly Disney Princess And The Frog Dr Facilier Wallet Multi
Protect your goodies with the Voodoo from the Shadow Man!This wallet has room for 5 cards, a compartment for bills, no seperate space for zipper pocket for change, plus space for an ID or a picture. Her high quality faux-leather...
€40,95 €28,67
Irregular Choice Smitten Kittens Cat 50's Pumps Lilac
All your facettes in 1: from cotton candy sweet to spicy Vavavoom!The soft footbed is covered with a velvety layer, and the sole bears a joyful print that you can preserve with the special Irregular Choice Sole Protectors. Romance you...
€124,95 €87,47
Banned Sizzle Stripe 50's Top Purple
Sizzle Stripes until you become dizzy!This cheerful looking top is made out of 100% cotton with a lovely stretch, making you want to wear her underneath or on top of every skirt or pair of trousers you have. 40s nautical,...
€29,95 €23,96
Unique Vintage Gwen Velvet 40's Blouse Dark Purple
Stylish in the blink of an eye with Gwen!Gwen herself is the perfect mix of 'dress to impress' and 40's classic, with her bow to tie yourself and impressive puffy sleeves, which are narrow at the wrists thanks to the...
€62,95 €50,36
Unique Vintage Ruth Stripe 60's Mini Skirt Purple Black
Materials: 55% polyester - 40% rayon - 2% spandex. Washing instructions: machine wash at 30°C with similar colours, iron lukewarm, don't tumble dry, don't bleach
€74,95 €59,96
Unique Vintage Chita Stripe 50's Blouse Purple Black
Chita is the perfect mix of style & fun!Her bow detail at the neck, the cute bows and peekaboos at the short sleeves and of course the playful pattern, which detail will be your reason to put Chita in your...
€62,95 €50,36
Irregular Choice Pooch Perfect Dog 60's Boots Pink
It's finally happening: Man's best friend as boots!How could you resist the soft fur and the embroidered eyes, that are looking at you friendly from above the 3-D nose? The soft ears are happily flapping along when you walk them...
€132,95 €93,07
Loungefly Disney Nightmare before Christmas Halloween Line Shoulderbag
All Halloween-Town comes by!For the Jack-head the strap runs through alone already... This spooky shoulderbag has secret compartments on both sides of her inside compartment, that both close with pushbuttons and have zipper pockets. Perfect for your small things! Her...
€66,95 €46,87
Collectif Dolores 50's Top Plum
The Dolores Top is truely the ultimate classic when it comes to Collectif tops and justly!This model has a sexy pinup appearance because of her sweetheart neckline and the typical carmen style sleeves, that slightly puff up thanks to the...
€25,95 €20,76
Banned Chantrea Stripe 80's Top Purple
Endlessly long striped sleeves? Chantrea is there for you, with thumb holes!How can you resist a succes like Chantrea, with her smooth fabric that feels nicely cozy and soft? The sleeves have thums holes so that even your hands stay...
€27,95 €19,57
Banned Nina 50's Cardigan Aubergine Purple
Why we don't dread autumn? Cardigans!Nina makes your fall season extra sweet, with the wooden heart buttons she closes with! The pointelle lanes are a lovely detail, the almost look like rays!As we're used to from Banned, this beauty is...
€40,95 €32,76
Banned Lifes A Peach 40's Pinafore Swing Dress Aubergine Purple
Carzy about variation? Lifes A Peach makes your options...peachy!Smart is one of the things she definitely is: The buttons on the 'bib' work with the holes in the skirt. Enjoy playing with the length, or take the bib of with...
€45,95 €36,76
Irregular Choice x Hello Kitty Star Of The Show Heels Purple
Hello Kitty is the 'Star of the Show': she even is the heel! Her iconic bow is ruling the back of the shoe, and from the tip, she's looking at you together with My Melody. This gem is made of...
€190,95 €133,67
Irregular Choice x Hello Kitty Everyone Loves You Boots Purple
Everybody Loves You, and how could they not with these sweet boots with My Melody protruding from them? Her strawberry hat, little paw and pompom are lovely soft, on a boot of textile and glitters. The roughly ribbed sole has...
€215,95 €151,17
Banned Di Di 40's Swing Skirt Aubergine
A gem like Di Di is indispensable: you will want to wear her with everything!With her cute coated buttons at the waist, there are worse things ;) She flares from the waistband into an elegant skirt with pockets, that ends...
€37,95 €30,36
Dr. Martens Devon Heart Soft Aunt Sally Leather Boots Fuchsia
Spread the love on a higher level with Devon! With their multi-layer soles of 4.5 cm hoog, these boots take you to dizzying heights, with the recognizable yellow seams. They're made of a high quality and remarkably smooth Aunt Sally...
€189,95 €151,96
Hell Bunny Frilly Sundae 40's Dress Lavender
Vintage-Flair in a cute coat: Frilly Sundae!You see that right, not only is the semi-transparent chiffon without stretch adorned with dots, there are also glittering lurex-threads woven through it! She looks as festive as lightweight, and even super-fancy with her...
€74,95 €59,96
Miss Candyfloss Lirra Floral 50's Swing Dress Purple
You could step right into your favourite 50's movie with Lirra!Into the love scene of course, those breathtaking flowers are radiating romance, wow... She's a joy to the eyes with her v-neck, the folds at the chest and the shoulder...
€101,95 €81,56
Irregular Choice Clara Bow 60's Heels Purple
Retro meets kawaii, mixed with 60's!Clara Bow is a fun explosion, with her stunning faux-leather in so many bright colours and the exciting mix of textures! Her block heel of 5,5 cm is a joy to the eyes with its...
€107,95 €75,57
Irregular Choice Fancy That Poodle 50's Pumps Purple
These poodles are trained so well, they always heel!The hearts they have beating faster are also displayed on these stunning pumps, in a gorgeous quality faux-leather. The embroidered words Ooh La La can't be missing, you'll hear them a lot...
€95,95 €67,17
Hell Bunny Willow Sparrow Birdcage 40's Blouse Lavender
How lovely they look, and how badly in love we are with this print!You can trust your eyes, there is shimmering lurex woven into the semi-transparent chiffon without stretch! So she looks as festive as she looks lightweight, and also...
€41,95 €29,37
Hell Bunny Willow Sparrow Birdcage 70's Midi Dress Lavender
They look so in love, and we are with this print!You're seeing it correctly, there is sparkling lurex woven into the chiffon without stretch! She looks as festive as lightweight, and (except for the sleeves) she is completely lined, irresistible,...
€70,95 €49,67
Hell Bunny Birdcage 50's Swing Dress Lavender
They look so in love, and we are with this print!The lightweight cotton-mix with slight stretch fells like a little cloud and, together with the princess seams, make for a gorgeous fit. The shoulder straps with the little bows are...
€62,95 €50,36
Hell Bunny Frilly Sundae 40's Blouse Lavender
Vintage-Flair in a cute coat: Frilly Sundae!You see that right, not only is the semi-transparent chiffon without stretch adorned with dots, there are also glittering lurex-threads woven through it! She looks as festive as lightweight, and even super-fancy with her...
€41,95 €33,56
Banned Spot Perfection Polkadot 50's Swing Dress Purple
The perfect number of dots? As many as possible!She's so lovely lightweight and nicely dotted with her fine cotton mix with slight stretch! Her wide collar and rolled-up short sleeves make for the perfect vintage shirt-look. The waist is accentuated...
€50,95 €40,76
Collectif Rada Nancy Check 60's Dungarees Black
Materials: 98% Polyester - 2% Elastane. Washing instructions: wash at 30°C, don't tumble dry
€54,95 €43,96
Collectif Kayden Nancy Check Overalls 60's Swing Dress Black
Materials: 98% polyester - 2% elastane. Washing instructions: wash at 30°C, don't tumble dry
€56,95 €45,56
Collectif Dolores Pretty Polkadot 50's Swing Dress Purple
Dolores is THE Collectif classic!She has a seductive sweetheart neckline, with two shiny decorative buttons on the chest. That guarantees a sexy look, even more so with the typical carmen-style sleeves with a little poof from the elastic on the...
€56,95 €45,56
Collectif Hepburn Pretty Polkadot 50's Pencil Dress Purple
With an iconic name like hers, she simply has to be a success!And oh yes: With her high neck on the front and v-shape on the back this dress could've stepped straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany's! The top has...
€50,95 €40,76
Collectif Dolores Hocus Pocus 50's Top Lilac
The Dolores top is the ultimate classic of all Collectif tops and now magically beautiful with the Hocus Pocus check!This top has a sexy pin-up appearance with her heart-shaped neckline, shiny decorative buttons and the typical carmen-style sleeves with a...
€25,95 €20,76
Loungefly Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Barrel Backpack
Our new brand Loungefly has it all: extraordinary designs, stunningly made and officially licensed! And they're all limited editions that will not be made again ;)He smiles at you and guards your stuff: Barrel! This backpack is spacious enough for...
€74,95 €59,96

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