About us! We started in 2005, but what does Succubus actually mean? Mythological, a Succubus is a ‘female demonic creature that feeds on male energy’. Sounds pretty brutal, but essentially it is what we stand for: The strong woman that is self-conscious about her appearance and is not afraid to accentuate her shape and femininity. Whether it is with a VaVaVoom pencil dress or with a jolly swing dress, our mission is to emphasize every woman’s strongest points. Classic beauty, stylish and sexy.

Every piece is chosen with love and care, for quality and fitting, so that we all support our collection 100%. 

  • Everything is deliverable immediately.
  • Orders placed before 16.00 (Dutch time) will be shipped the same day, unless something else is stated.
  • Free shipment to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany
  • 14-day return policy.

Besides our website, you can also visit one of our shop in Holland!  

Thank you and Happy Shopping!

The Succubus team

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