Victory Parade Rosa Royal Skulls 50's Swing Dress
We'll never be royals, maar met deze jurk voel jij je wel zo! Als een schedel koningin dan ;)Het model Rosa heeft een mooie hoge hals, terwijl de vaste sjerp de taille accentueert. Vanuit de taille loopt de jurk via...
Victory Parade Rosa Dinosaur Swing Dress
Victory parade dresses will make sure the spotlights on you wherever you go!Suddenly you just knew: you deperately need a dinosaur dress... Well, we got you girl! The Rosa model has a pretty, high neck, with a sash that accentuates...
Victory Parade Rosa Shark 50's Swing Dress Blue
With the dresses by Victory Parade you're guaranteed a showstopper!Don't get bitten! The Rosa model has a beautiful high neck, while the attached sash defines the waist. From the waist down, through pleats, it flows out into a playful skirt....
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