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Killstar Hellverina Split Maxi Skirt Black
Raising Hell with the Hellverina maxi skirt!She's Vavavoom with her semi-transparent mesh panels on both sides, decorated with a lacing... But let's also take a moment to appreciate how wonderfully comfortable she is with her soft and airy rayon-mix with...
Killstar Harness Ur Power Pentagram Top Black
This beauty is breathing the powerwoman spirit!Her gorgeous viscose mix is lovely close-fitting thanks to the figure seams and the stretch, but the true showstopper is there on your chest: a harness of elastic straps and metal rings in the...
Killstar Pandora's Revenge Dress Black
Open the box of Pandora!Wrap yourself in decadent chiffon, adorned with roses and skulls... Pandora is a dream with her collar and shirt style that fastens with buttons all the way down the front. Her short sleeves puff out cheerfully...
Killstar Witch Brim Hat Black
To bring out your darkest side or to simply hide away a bad hair day, you've always got a good excuse to wear the Witch Brim hat!The edge measures in at 13 cm, around 44 cm. Materials: 100% synthetic wool.
Killstar Atala's Night Lace Top Black
She's just as sweet as she is elegant and dark! With her soft stretch lace, she feels like a fairytale... Atala's Night Lace is a showstopper with its lacing that runs above the peekadoo through the standing collar. So boudoir...
Killstar Misty Night 70's Maxi Dress Black
Ultimate Witchy Vibes with Misty Night!Mysterious, dramatically at first sight, right? She's made of a smooth and light fabric with fine stretch, which make her dance around you beautifully. And that is quite the sight with her parts of...
Killstar Biters Maxi Dress Black
Chomp down on the Biters maxi dress!Witchy or ready for a rave, with the open-worked stretchy 'Distressed' fabric (and therefore semi-transparent in part) you'll be the Ghoulish Queen! The mesh sleeves with thumbholes are attached to the dress, with a...
Killstar Prismatic Rainbow 60's Flares Trousers Multi
Rainbows all around!Her rainbow striped, fabric with a rib pattern has fine stretch, which makes your curves pop out perfectly. Thanks to the elastic waistband, you can simply slip her on, and she is so long, that you can easily...
Killstar Apprentice Top Black
Are you a Sabrina or a Prudence?Both witches would fall in love with this absolute dream of a top, with the batwing-collar of mesh lace with pentagrams, adorned with a velvet ribbon!Her smooth and stretchy jersey-mix makes her a dream...
Killstar Magica Crop Top Black
Shine under the magic of Magica!The seductive neckline is adorned with a show-stopping choker detail of stretchy straps, and together with the adjustable shoulder straps gives you all the room to let your skin be pampered by the moon/sunlight ;)The...
Killstar Reign Of Pyre Snake Serpent Dress Black
Get ready for your big entrance with Reign of Pyre!What a showstopper the pitchblack velvet with fine stretch is, covered with snakes and mysterious symbols... This beauty is full of exciting details, like a peekaboo that you create by closing...
€112,95 €56,48
Killstar Lucienne's Seal Duster Black
Dark Pin-Up or Witchy Vibes, Lucienne's Seal is the perfect extra layer!It is made of wonderfully soft semi-transparent lace, making it perfect as a decadent additional layer over your look, or boudoir-worthy with a beautiful set ;) It gracefully drapes...
Killstar Valdermerca Maxi Dress Black
.The ultimate Witchy Vibes with Valdermerca!Mysterious, dramatically at first sight, right? She's made from a soft, lightweight fabric with light stretch so she dances around you wonderfully. And that's quite something with her semi-transparent lace and chiffon! She fastens...
Killstar Valefor Velvet Flare 70's Trousers Purple
Cute as a button or inner demon, Valefor combines them!With Valefor, you take your look to new heights, with her breathtaking burnout velvet with stretch, which is semi-transparent around the occult velvet print. Her smooth fabric blend has a nice...
Killstar Fickle Feud Lace Blouse Black
The ultimate Witchy Vibes with Fickle Feud! Mysterious, dramatically at first sight, right? It has the perfect boudoir look with its detailing at the neck and playful frills at the long sleeves and stand-up collar. Not to mention the...
Killstar Nora Flocked Trousers Black
Materials: 72% rayon - 24% nylon - 4% elastane. Washing instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle cold inside out in a laundry net. Don't tumble dry.
Killstar Miss Thumberlina Maxi Dress Black
As a real Succubus, make a dramatic entrance with Miss Thumberlina, whether it's a party or bedroom!Lovely soft semi-transparent mesh without stretch, perfect as a decadent extra layer over your look, or boudoir-worthy with a nice set ;) Mother Spirits...
Killstar Amanita's Sorrow Maxi Dress Black
Feel with Amanita's Sorrow!Her soft side with stretch breathes mystery and femininity, with her flared sleeves and standing collar... From the elastic waistband she runs out in a graceful 3-lane skirt, which at a length of 1.80 comes to the...
Killstar Grief By The Night Jeans Black
With Grief By Night you won't exorcise demons, you'll attract them! An occult look for every day is no witchcraft with these skinny jeans, made of strong fabric with fine stretch, adorned with a breathtaking velvet pattern. The killercurves come...
Killstar Thena's Thistle Velvet Bootcut Trousers Black
Dark, but oh so 70's with those wide legs! Her jet black velvet is oh so soft and has a nice stretch, making your curves look groovy. It has a high waist, closes with a zipper and button and is...
Killstar Forest Knit Maxi Dress Black
Get lost in the dark forest!This beauty has the best of both worlds: a special look with a dark touch thanks to the drawing of branches, but on a knitted viscose mix which makes it oh so comfortable to wear...Her...
Killstar Lauden Velvet Leggings Black
In this dimension or another, these leggings are great everywhere!The velvet has a dreamy pattern, which is semi-transparant around the pattern because of the burn-out effect. These leggings have fine stretch, which makes them feel like a beautiful nightmare and...
Killstar Alchemistry Bat Top Black
Are you a Sabrina or a Prudence?Both witches would fall in love with the top of their nightmares, with her bat embroidery with pentagram and crescent moon above the chest!With her soft and stretchy jersey viscose mix with stretch, she...
Killstar Toxic Flora Velvet Corset Top Black
This gem breathes power woman!Inspired by a corset, this must-have has plastic boning and velvet ribbons as shoulder straps, which you can tie yourself. With its short model (which ends approximately at the waist) it is perfect to wear as...
Killstar Trudy Keyhole Top Black
Materials: 97% rayon - 3% elastane. Washing instructions: put inside a laundry bag inside out on a cold and gentle washing program, do not machine dry.
Killstar Mystic Meadow Mesh Maxi Dress Black
Materials: 95% polyester - 5% elastane. Washing instructions: machine wash at 30°C inside out in a laundry net, don't tumble dry
Killstar Cecile Maxi Dress Black
As a real Succubus, make a dramatic entrance with Cecile, whether it's a party or bedroom!Lovely soft semi-transparent mesh without stretch, perfect as a decadent extra layer over your look, or boudoir-worthy with a nice set ;) Cecile gracefully flows...
Killstar Kreeptures Vampir: Batbone Plush Black
Get to know the Kreeptures!Killstar is transforming us into sweet girls again, but just a bit differently ;) Whether it's for decoration or for cuddling, the Kreeptures are the perfect gift for yourself or someone else! But let's be honest,...
Killstar Somnia Lace Maxi Skirt Black
Morticia nods approvingly for Death Star!Sensual lace runs over your entire lower body, from the elastic waistband to the ground... The lining until far above the knees makes sure you don't show too much.She has fine stretch, so she's a...
Killstar Jovie Top Black
Killstar Jovie Top Black
There is nothing basic about your new favourite basic top!Her peekaboo looks nicely edgy with the fishnet-top, and one more plus: the stretch in her soft and lightweight rayon-mix jersey makes her comfortable and breathable! Nothing can stop you from...
Killstar Hallows Dress Black
Killstar Hallows Dress Black
Let Hallows dance around you!With her black collar full of ruffles and the satin bow, she's the perfect image of innocence, while her semi-transparent mesh tells a completely different story ;) This beauty comes with an underdress, so you don't...
Killstar R.I.P. Slash Jeans Black
Killstar and denim? Yes, please!You found your new favourite jeans! Her cotton-mix with stretch denim feels nicely soft and is lovely closefitting, the distressed details in the front make for an extra eyecatcher. The waist band has belt loops and...
Killstar Ana-Tomic Heart Vase Red
This vase will keep your dark heart in its grip, literally!The bloodred ceramic is finished with a high-gloss layer, making her look nicely bloody. You can put flowers or feathers in the many openings, but even without content, she's impressive...Don't...
Killstar Zoey Long Socks Black
Whether you're slaying or lounging, these socks have got you covered!These long socks are made from a soft, ribbed cotton-mix and give your legs a devilishly good look with their extra long, over-the-knee length.You gotta have these, right? This item...
Killstar Folk Horror Leggings Black
Some folk tales are worth passing on! Heads will turn for this mysterious print full of symbols... These leggings have a light stretch, making them wear like a dream and show off all your curves. The waistband is elasticated so...
Killstar Valentine's Heart Blouse Black
The ultimate Witchy Vibes with Valentine!Mysterious, dramatically at first sight, right? Her chiffon dances like a nightmare around you. She's adorned with details, like the pleated trim above the chest, flared sleeves and those smooth buttons she closes with....
Killstar Kounter Kulture Skater Dress Black
Ready to grab attention? Kounter Kulture is there for you!All her straps and the mesh detail on the bodice make her a force to be reckoned with, but she's also super comfy thanks to the stretchy rayon-mix! from the waist,...
Killstar Charged Split Maxi Skirt Black
Can you hack the code of Charged Split?How Vavavoom she is with her semi-transparent, soft mesh with the mysterious velvet pattern, and of course the seductive double split! This beauty has an underskirt, so you can steal the show on...
Killstar Dasia Maxi Wicked Wood Skirt Black
Decadent witchy vibes in the blink of an eye!This beauty checks all the boxes: an extraoridnary look and uncomplicated! The eyecatcher is of course the elegant chiffon without stretch with spooky woods motive, that creates the impression of you floating...
Killstar Quartz Night Velvet Top Black
How would you be able to resist such a lace detail?Even her enticing neckline is adorned with lace edges, and together with the adjustable straps gives your skin all the space to be spoiled by the moon- or the sunlight...
Killstar Men Night Grove Shirt Black
Enter the Woodlands!Wrap yourself in your own spooky forest, that adorns the breathable viscose all around: from the collar to the long sleeves... This stunning shirt has a straight fit and closes with smooth buttons along the front. Loose yourself!Materials:...
Killstar Cutout Bondage Trousers Black
Play with the power of suggestion!The Cutout Bondage trousers have a tantalising opening at the back, but because the waist is high you don't show too much! Just the temptation, still able to squat ;)This little gem sits high on...
Killstar Paryce Alive Pinafore Dress Black Rainbow
So black and yet a rainbow: it can be done with Paryce Alive!Her shiny lacquer with light stretch has a special rainbow effect, so you get the best of both worlds! You can vary with a fishnet top like in...

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