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Collectif Kimberly Ravenous Raccoons 60's Swing Dress Yellow
Surrender to the raccoons with their bananas!This gem is made of a fine cotton-mix with slight stretch that feels incredibly lightweight, we dare to face tropical temperatures in this one! The elastic back makes for a nice fit and the...
Hell Bunny Vixey Fox 40's Dress Dark Green
Our favourite part of autumn? Foxes!The little white collar and the black velvet bow make her look even more playful. Her decorative pleats across the front add a beautifull fit and because of her 100% viscose material she's lovely and...
United Odd Socks 6 Ladies Socks Catwalk
Why should socks be identical to match?Nonsense, we say and so do the creators of United Odd Socks! These stunning gift sets consist of 6 socks, all different but in the same theme. The socks are one-size and fit shoe...
Collectif Dorothy Some Bunny To Love 50's Swing Dress Pink
Bunnies are love experts, that's why there are so many of them!The print on the gorgeous cotton-mix with slight stretch is brilliant, and the model is just as great, with the fold-over collar and adjustable shoulder straps. The princess seams...
Irregular Choice Halloween Dead Gorgeous Skull Pumps Silver Black
BOO, get spooky with the new limited edition Halloween collection!You're seeing that right, this skull is looking straight at you with it's light-up eyes!She wouldn't look off inside an exposition, what a piece of art with her large cobweb, covered...
Banned Snow Bird Cat Blouse Black
Maybe you need to sit down for this blouse because... woah!Melt away with that playful cat, that's trying to cats the butterflies on the ends of the collar. Even the back is embellished with an embroidery of a cat that...
Collectif Carmen Tipsy Elephants 50's Swing Dress Black
You don't see the pink elephants flying, but swimming in champagne!Embrace the sunshine with the charming sleeves, that can also be worn off-shoulder, très sexy ;) The gatherings at the chest and the cute little bow make for a look...
Collectif Liza Tipsy Elephants 50's Swing Dress Black
You don't see the pink elephants flying, but swimming in champagne!Liza could have stepped right out of the 50's with her little collar, short sleeves and the funtional buttons running all over the front! This kitschy-chic gem is made of...
Collectif Caterina Forest Floral 50's Swing Dress Multi
With those striking bunnies and gorgeous flowers you'll feel like Alice!Caterina has been one of our most popular models for years and we look forward to the new versions every season! She looks lovely and summery thanks to the airy...
Banned Cat Scallop Collar 40's Cardigan Mustard
Maybe you need to sit down for this cardigan because... woah!Melt along with that playful cat, which is trying to grab that sweet Peter Pan collar. Better luck next time! As we're used to from Banned this beauty is made...
Hell Bunny Vixey Fox 40's Blouse Dark Green
Our favourite part about autumn? Foxes!The detachable organza scarf underneath the Peter Pan collar makes her even more playful. Her short sleeves are puffy, thanks to the fine elastic. She's made of a lightweight viscose and is more than perfectly...
Run and Fly Swan Love 50's Dress Black
Great looks for a small price? N o problem with Run & Fly!Swans in love and pink water lilies on a subtle black background, how romantic! This beauty is made of an airy cotton with no stretch, so you've already...
Run and Fly Counting Fox Heads 50's Dress
Want to look like a party for a good price? Run & Fly is here!Like an ant attracted to sweetness you're instantly drawn to this amazing pattern of fox heads on a green background! This beauty is made of an...
Collectif Dolores Hedgehogs and Leaves 50's Top Red
The Dolores Top is truely the ultimate classic when it comes to Collectif tops and justly!This model has a sexy pinup appearance because of her sweetheart neckline and the typical carmen style sleeves, that slightly puff up thanks to the...
Collectif Peta Pumpkins And Cats 40's Top Black Orange
Trick or Treat!Pumpkins and cats, the perfect combination for us Halloween Queens, that even matches the puffy sleeves with the cute white trims perfectly.The princess seams and the high quality velvet with fine stretch make for a nice fit. She...
Koi Footwear Bear Denim Mary Janes 60's Pumps Blue
How to make Mary Janes even cuter? With a teddy on the nose!These are the Mary-Janes you've always wanted, with her adjustable strap with silver coloured buckle! The sturdy heel measures at 6,5 cm, so minus the 3 cm platform...
Collectif Megan Tipsy Elephants 50's Swing Skirt Black
You don't see the pink elephants flying, but swimming in champagne!Follow the tipsy elephants to the next party, even if it's at home ;) With the Megan skirt, good cheer is always closeby, with her lightweight viscose with no stretch...
Irregular Choice Hold Up 50's Pumps Pink Multi
Pink leopard print drives us wild!Hold up takes our breath away, with her soft pink leopard outside, which is even more loud because of the mint coloured accents. Like the edges, which are decorated with it, continue into a playful...
Hell Bunny Madison Hummingbird 50's Swing Dress Black
The hummingbird inbetween the pink blossom jumps out more than the other birds, just like our ladies!With her fresh print and capsleeves she might as well have just stepped out of the 50's. Her wide neckline has a playful v-shape...
Banned Eternity Cat Cardigan Black
In the fall we're happiest with a cat on our lap, but this is the next best thing! This cute cardigan has our furry friend on both sides, with an adorable bow as a cherry on top.Almost as cute as...
Banned Proud Peacock Cutout Swing Dress
You'll definitely feel Proud as a Peacock in this beautiful dress!What a stunning dress, with her gorgeous peacock print.... Even the cut itself looks extraordinary with her cut outs on the bodice. From just above the waist this dress flares...
Hell Bunny Trixie Bats Blouse Black
Spooky without having to give up on style? Trixie is the one!With her white collar and detachable striped bow an elegant look is guaranteed. You've definitely spotted those cheerful bats, but underneath the chest pocket is another surprise: Trick or...
Hell Bunny In The Moonlight Moth 70's Dress Black
These Moths are sticking to your dress!This extraordinary dress is made of lightweight chiffon with a unique print of moths. The v-neck and the draped sleeves make for a 70's look that will attract attention. From the waistband, she flares...
Collectif Akiko Cat Croupier 40's Jumpsuit Red
Which hand will you go all-in with? The one with the cats, of course!Akiko could have stepped right out of the 40's with her wide, half-long sleeves and the faux-wrap model! This kitschy-chic gem is made of lightweight viscose without...
Bright & Beautiful Bella Duck Fair Isle 60's Jumper Brown
Your new favourite jumper can't lack ducks, can it?This lovely warm jumper is made of a thicker knitted cotton with fine stretch, which makes her cozy to wear and nicely closefitting. The hems of the top and the sleeves are...
Punk Rave Butterfly Gauze Chiffon Skirt Black
These butterflies keep fluttering around you!The star of the show is the stunning layer of mesh, where the butterflies almost seem to fly off! Underneath, she has an underskirt without stretch so you don't show too much. Her waist is...
Banned Bunny Hop 40's Blouse White
Tumble into the rabbit hole with Bunny Hop!It looks up curiously, the little bunny on the front! This highlight of cuteness with the Peter Pan collar is made of a semi-transparent, smooth fabric without stretch, that is heaven to wear....
Smashed Lemon Peacock Stride 70's Maxi Dress Black Emerald
Make your big entrance with the Peacock Stride dress!At a vintage teaparty or out for a cocktail, you'll impress with this beauty! Playfully ruffled edges come back at the puffy sleeves and the v-neck for an elegant look. You accentuate...
Irregular Choice Little Red 70's Boots Black
...the better to see you with!Seen you will definitely be in these cuties, who doesn’t know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf? He’s lurking dangerously on one side, dressed as grandmother in her bed,...
Collectif Hepburn Pumpkins Cats 50's Swing Dress Black
Pumpkins and cats, the perfect combination for us Halloween Queens!With her high neck on the front and v-shape on the back this dress could've stepped straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany's. From the waist, she flares into a playful skirt...
Dolly & Dotty Amanda Dinosaur 50's Swing Dress Green
Extinct? Why would you think that?You can almost feel the ground shake when you look at this brilliant print of dinosaurs on a smooth fabric with slight stretch.The top has a lovely fit thanks to the seams. From the waist...
Hell Bunny Spook 50's Cardigan Black White
Halloween is our favourite holiday!Bats, ghosts and pumpkins, you can find them all on this lovely soft vest made of a knitted viscose-mix with stretch, which makes you pull her out of the closet all year round. The ribbed seams...
Koi Footwear Holy Cow 70's Platform Boot Black White
Holy Cow: the perfect ode to our cows!This cutie wins the price for 'most groovy boot', it has a curvy heel and a platform! Add a 70's twist to every look with these gems, that walk extraordinarily comfortably with their...
Collectif Dolores Ravenous Raccoons 50's Top Yellow
Surrender to the raccoons with their bananas!Dolores is THE classic among Collectif tops, with her sexy pinup appearance thanks to the sweetheart neckline and the typical carmen style sleeves, which are slightly puffy because of the elastic. The decoartive buttons...
Hell Bunny Vixey Fox 60's Skirt Brown
Our favourite part of autumn: Foxes!From the non-stretch waistband she flares out through pleats into a playful skirt, which with a height of 1,70 reaches above the knee. Pockets can't lack and she closes with a zipper on the back.How...
Minueto Rock Cat 80's T-Shirt Black
This ultimate 80's shirt screams to be worn!Bowie surely would have aprreciated this shirt with those shoulders! They're not padded, the effect is created by the top part being just a bit longer. The cat head-print with lightningbolt can't be...
Hearts & Roses Kids Funky Flamingo Dress
Hearts & Roses made our hearts melt with these stunning kids dresses, which are covered in our feathered friends. She has a playful slit by the neckline, short sleeves and an attached, red satin sash that can be tied on...
Irregular Choice Blazing Star Trainers Black Blue
Rainbows and clouds on trainers? Irregular Choice knows exactly what we long for!The Blazing Star will catch your eye in a second, but it's those 3-D clouds that steal the show! The print around the metallic swirls is an intergalactic...
Collectif Alizee Pantherology 70's Trousers Green
You're getting red hot from the tropical Pantheroly print, luckily Alizee is made of viscose ;)Alizee is worn in the waist, dwon from the elastic waistband she flares out through pleats into wide trouser legs. She's made of a lovely...
Banned Slither Snakes 60's Skirt Black
We wouldn't mind letting these snakes slither all over us!We'd love to slither into this mini skirt! The gorgeous print of snakes and flowers gives her a second look-worthy appearance... This high waist model closes with a zipper on the...
Hell Bunny Mushu Dragon 50's Swing Skirt Black
Mushu has come all the way from China to decorate your skirt!This cutie is made of an airy cotton with no stretch and from the waistband down she flares out into a full circle skirt with pockets(!), making it so...
Hell Bunny Bali Jungle 50's Swing Dress Black
Inbetween the leaves and the orchids there they are, staring right at you: tigers! This exotic pleasure has a sweetheart neckline and playful capsleeves. She is made of a beautiful quality cotton-mix with a slight stretch which makes her feel...
Irregular Choice Zevra 70's Pumps Zebra Pink
It won't be lions that follow you when you're out with Zevra, but jealous looks, and they're justified ;) The shiny metallics in pink and blue/greenmake Zebra absolutely striking, the cute face does the rest. And you see that right,...
Banned Cat Scallop Collar 40's Cardigan Red
Maybe you need to sit down for this cardigan because... woah!Melt along with that playful cat, which is trying to grab that sweet Peter Pan collar. Better luck next time! As we're used to from Banned this beauty is made...
Killstar Webutant Bag Black
Your every day cobweb: Webutant!We have enough small bags, but then there's Webutant... The space, the style, unprecedentedly practical! You can stylishly hold her by the handles, which are wide enough to be worn on the shoulder. She is made...

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