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Magic Bodyfashion LUve Stick-On Bra Black
Essentail to make your dresses shine even more: the little Magic Bodyfashion tricks!Those low-backed dresses and tops are gorgeous, but that bra is a real thorn in the flesh! With the LUve Bra by Magic, you won't have that problem...
Magic Bodyfashion Backless Beauty Stick-On Bra Black
Onmisbaar om jouw jurkjes nog beter te laten stralen: de trucjes van Magic Bodyfashion!Prachtig die open rug, maar dan is dat BH-bandje een doorn in het oog! Met de Backless Beauty van Magic heb je daar geen last van. Deze...
Magic Bodyfashion Fashion Tape 50 Pieces
Indispensable to make your dresses shine even more: those little Magic Bodyfashion tricks!Fashion Tape is no secret anymore, but a musthave! Are you scared that your top or dress might fall open a bit too far? Just put some Fashion...
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