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Collectif Arca Dark Queen Spider 50's Maxi Dress Black
Morticia looks your way approvingly, wow!Our black little heart skipped a beat for that stunning spiderweb-lace on top of the already gorgeous dress! Even Mrs. Adams can't go without killer-curves, which are inevitable with the smooth fabric with fine stretch......
Hell Bunny Solaris Sun & Moon 70's Dress Black
The stars are favorable on Solaris! This extraordinary dress is made of lightweight chiffon with a unique print of the sun, the moon and constellations. The overlay at the deep v-neck and the draped sleeves make for a 70's look...
Irregular Choice Halloween Dead Gorgeous Skull Pumps Silver Black
BOO, get spooky with the new limited edition Halloween collection!You're seeing that right, this skull is looking straight at you with it's light-up eyes!She wouldn't look off inside an exposition, what a piece of art with her large cobweb, covered...
€174,95 €139,96
Lulu Hun Tatiana Faux-Fur 40's Booties Black
Stylish and nice and warm!Tatiana makes our dreams come true. Made of a simple black faux-suede she's still striking with her faux-fur detailing, that stars around the ankle and elongate down. As a finishing touch she has 2 faux-suede bows...
€66,95 €53,56
Collectif Dolores 50's Top Black
The Dolores Top is truely the ultimate classic when it comes to Collectif tops and justly!This model has a sexy pinup appearance because of her sweetheart neckline and the typical carmen style sleeves, that slightly puff up thanks to the...
Banned 50's Petticoat Long Black
They're the ultimate symbol for 50's fashion and Rock 'n Roll: Petticoats!These extraordinarily fluffy petticoats consist of 2 layers of soft 2-row chiffon with both a cheerfully ruffled edge for even more added volume. Underneath is a shorter underskirt, so...
Koi Footwear Della Witchy Moon Mary Janes Velvet 60's Pumps Purple
Velvet covered Mary Janes, with sun & moon embroidery? A witchy dream coming true!Della is exactly the type of Mary Janes you've always wanted, with her adjustable strap with a silver coloured buckle! The heel is 6,5 cm, so without...
Killstar Misty Night 70's Maxi Dress Black
Ultimate Witchy Vibes with Misty Night!Mysterious, dramatically at first sight, right? She's made of a smooth and light fabric with fine stretch, which make her dance around you beautifully. And that is quite the sight with her parts of...
Dr. Martens Vonda Boots Black
Thereare few brands that are so loved by so many different subcultures and generations. We proudly present: Dr. Martens! Vonda is the name all ladies know and ofcourse they do! This gorgeous 14-grommet high boot has an embroidered rose along...
from €181,95
Hell Bunny Morticia Spiderweb Velvet 40's Dress Black
Materials: 95% polyester - 5% elastane. Washing instructions: wash at 30°C with similar colours, iron lukewarm, don't tumble dry, don't bleach
Unique Vintage Widow Spider Top Black
Morticia is looking your way approvingly!Get tangled in the spiderweb, with semi-transparent mesh between the threads and decorated with a Peter Pan collar! An occupant is a must, this one is detachable as a brooch. The top is made of...
Killstar Eternity Pentagram Maxi Dress Black
The sparrows might be falling off the roof, but with Eternity you stay magical!She's an extraordinary one, with her pentagram straps and opening by the diaphragm your witchy vibes are undeniable. Another cool detail is her handkerchief model, meaning the...
Collectif Karen Suspender 50's Pencil Skirt Black
Vintage or Fashion girl, for Karen you just need to love style!Whatever decade is your favorite, with her adjustable braces and extremely high waist that reaches underneath the chest she's irresistably versatile. Karen is made of a firm, yet stretchy...
Killstar Kounter Kulture Skater Dress Black
Ready to grab attention? Kounter Kulture is there for you!All her straps and the mesh detail on the bodice make her a force to be reckoned with, but she's also super comfy thanks to the stretchy rayon-mix! from the waist,...
€41,95 €35,95
Hell Bunny Miss Muffet Spiderweb Trousers Black
Material: 63% polyester - 34% viscose - 3% elastane. Washing instructions: wash at 30°C with similar colours, iron lukewarm, don't tumble dry, don't bleach
Killstar Inferno Room Stripe 70's Flare Trousers Grey
Beetlejuice, but 70's style with such a flare!Her black and grey striped, smooth fabric has fine stretch, which makes your curves pop out perfectly. Thanks to the elastic waistband, you can simply slip her on, and she is so long,...
Hell Bunny In The Moonlight Moth 70's Dress Black
These Moths are sticking to your dress!This extraordinary dress is made of lightweight chiffon with a unique print of moths. The v-neck and the draped sleeves make for a 70's look that will attract attention. From the waistband, she flares...
Hell Bunny Humbug 40's Blouse Black Red
From 40's to Beetlejuice to Mod, Humbug is always handy!The collar continues into an elegant pussy-bow, which for a change has a black back. How cute does that look when you tie her! This beauty is a loose fit model...
Irregular Choice Halloween Fright Night Ghost Train Boots
This skull looks straight into your soul with the glowing eyes, plus it is glow-in-the-dark itself!These should be in an exhibition, what a work of art... Out of the mouth of the big skull, it comes: the Ghost Train, with...
€273,95 €219,16
Hell Bunny Be Afraid Halloween 50's Swing Skirt Multi
Be afraid, oh so afraid!Just kidding, fall in love like we did with the Be Afraid print, inspired by B-horrormovies! The colours orange, white and green match the special motives perfectly.Small folds flare from the waist seam into a full...
€33,95 €27,16
Killstar Never Trust The Living Bag Black White
Like Beetlejuice taught us: Never Trust the Living!The space, the style, incredibly practical! Stylishly hold her by the hadnles, which are wide enough to be pulled up to the shoulder, or sweep her over your shoulder using the detachable strap....
Hell Bunny Humbug 40's Blouse Black White
From 40's to Beetlejuice to Mod, Humbug is always handy!The collar continues into an elegant pussy-bow, which for a change has a black back. How cute does that look when you tie her! This beauty is a loose fit model...
Collectif Anjelica Velvet 50's Maxi Dress Black
How else can you name this beauty after Anjelica Hudson?Made of a beautiful quality black stretchy velvet she is a perfect fit to your curves. The low shoulders stay nicely in place thanks to the elastic in the sleeves. Walking...
Hell Bunny Trixie Bats Blouse Black
Spooky without having to give up on style? Trixie is the one!With her white collar and detachable striped bow an elegant look is guaranteed. You've definitely spotted those cheerful bats, but underneath the chest pocket is another surprise: Trick or...
€37,95 €30,36
Dr. Martens Jadon Smooth Lace-up Boots Black
There are few brands that are so loved by so many different subcultures and generations. We proudly present: Dr. Martens! The style of Jadon is on another level, literally! With it's multi layered sole of almost 4cm high this boot...
Killstar Apprentice Top Black
Are you a Sabrina or a Prudence?Both witches would fall in love with this absolute dream of a top, with the batwing-collar of mesh lace with pentagrams, adorned with a velvet ribbon!Her smooth and stretchy jersey-mix makes her a dream...
Run & Fly Rainbow Spider Web 70's Dungarees Black
Attention: since this is a baggy model and unisex, these dungarees have a different fit than other Run & Fly items.Dance the skeleton Boogie!Because life is serious enough as is we couldn't resist this beauty. She is made of a...
Killstar Synthia Maxi Skirt Black
Welcome to the age of the Digital Daze!How Vavavoom she is with her semi-transparent, soft mesh, and of course the seductive double split! This beauty has a built-in panty, so you can steal the show on the dancefloor. And have...
Hell Bunny Spider 50's Cardigan Black
Materials: 80% viscose - 15% nylon - 5% elastane. Washing instructions: delicate cycle, machine wash 30°C inside out in a laundry net
Killstar Tristania Maxi Halter Dress Black
Materials: 95% rayon - 5% elastane. Washing instructions: machine wash inside out delicate cycle cold with similar colours. Iron inside out when neccessary. Don't tumble dry, let dry hanging, no dry cleaning
Dr. Martens Jadon Max Chain Patent Platform Boots Black
There's always a bigger fish, but when it comes to bad-ass shoes, these are the catch of the day!These Jadons are higher than ever! Its multi-layered sole of almost 6 cm height with the 5 cm front part takes you...
Killstar Haunted Soul Wallet Black
Have your things guarded by the ghost of the Haunted Souls wallet!How beautiful she is with her pitchblack velvet and the silvercoloured classic frame. But look deeper.... and discover the extraordinary print!Literally huge plus: she is big and spacious! This...
Punk Rave Pending The Moonlight Jacket Black
Victorian, boudoir or modern powerwoman: with Pending the Moonlight, you'll make an impression!Feel like Vanessa Ives with her pitch black velvet without stretch... She looks like an open blazer and a waistcoat with all her lace decorations, but she is...
Killstar Death Valley Maxi Skirt Black
Materials: 95% polyester - 5% elastane. Washing instructions: machine wash 30°C inside out with similar colours in a laundry net. Let dry hanging, don't tumble dry. Iron cold, don't bleach, no dry cleaning.
Killstar Office Demon Jacket Black Pinstripe
Front desk beauty? Rather an Office Demon!The suspender-look is part of the powerwoman style, and Killstar casually puts a crucifix in there, too ;) This close-fitting jacket looks super strong with her faux-leather details in the colaar and the suspenders....
Banned Spider Nights 50's Top Black
We don't like to walk into them, but we love to cover us in them: spiderwebs!This gem is full of surprises: she looks like an off-shoulder top, but the mesh layer (which is adorned with spiderweb-lace) is attached to it!...
Unique Vintage Halloween Halloqueen Girly T-Shirt Black
You're the queen of Halloween this year: Halloqueen!Spooky great is what this beauty is, made of 100% breathable cotton with slight stretch. She has a relaxed fit, that lets you move easily to share your message with the world! Pair...
Hell Bunny Fly Away Witch 50's Jumper Black
We'll fly on a holiday...on our broom!The Fly Away jumper feels so soft to wear with her knitted viscose-mix with stretch making it so you want to wear this cutie all year round. The ribbed edges on the sleeves and...
€41,95 €33,56
Hell Bunny Humbug 40's Blouse Black Green
From 40's to Beetlejuice to Mod, Humbug is always handy!The collar continues into an elegant pussy-bow, which for a change has a black back. How cute does that look when you tie her! This beauty is a loose fit model...
Alchemy Devil Heart Stud Earrings
For many a familiar brand: Alchemy jewelery, hand made in England!Well, these earrings totally represent us! So sweet yet so sinful ;) The small crystals on the stud and in the tail give a sparkling wink. These come per pair.Measurements:...
Collectif Luna Moon 60's Jersey Top Black
Materials: 95% Cotton - 5% Spandex. Washing instructions: Wash at 30°C, iron warm, do not machine dry, do not bleach or chemically clean.
€29,95 €23,96
Killstar Kreeptures Kraken Plush
Meet the Kreeptures!Killstar turns us back into sweet little girls, just a little different ;) Because as decoration or to cuddle them, the Kreeptures are the perfect gift for yourself, or somebody else! But let's be honest, you can't let...
Irregular Choice Halloween Ectoplasmic Ghost Pumps Navy
Where do those spooky noises come from? Your heel, literally!No wonder there are metallic ghosts flying all around your pumps ;) Even the lovely wide 9,5 cm heel is dressed in a cape, but take a peek underneath... The embroidered...
€149,95 €119,96
Collectif Trixie Glitter Moon Velvet 50's Swing Dress Black Silver
Add a dash of moon-magic to your wardrobe!Let yourself be seduced by all those friendly moons... Her soft jet black velvet has a lovely stretch, which makes her breathtaking and comfortable!Trixie has a seductive wrap on the chest and small...
Killstar Squadron 80's Blouse Black
Conquer and rule in our Squaldron Top!Her military inspired details bring out the bad ass within you (like those wicked decorative buttons with skulls!), reinforced by faux-leather details across the front, faux pockets, piping and shoulderdetails. Squadron is made of...
€45,95 €36,76

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