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Killstar Grave Digger Skull Mini Backpack Black
We know, she's intense, but oh so impressive!Grave Digger Skull is an exceptionally well made bag in the shape of a skull, as an exciting surprise for those walking behind you ;) She keeps her shape nicely and opens with...
Killstar Otherworld Backpack Black
Well, coffins are a kind of storage, so it's the perfect shape for a backpack!This beauty is adorned with soft velvet and a crest detail in the faux-leather. She's made of a high quality sturdy vegan faux-leather, that keeps its...
Killstar Vamped Up Bat Backpack Black
Have your things guarded by the Vamped Up bat!This serious looking bat with its 40 cm height is ready to charge. The stunning faux-leather keeps its shape nicely. She closes with a zipper in the back, where she has enough...
Killstar Kreeptures Dark Lord Backpack Bubblegum Pink
Have your things guarded by the Dark Lord!The serious looking billy-goat, with his 45 cm height, is ready to charge. Twice the fun, because this cutie has even got 2 zipper compartments: the head and the body! Both compartments fit...
€41,95 €29,37
Killstar Dark Delights Cat Backpack Shoulderbag Black
Starte very doomed day with Dark Delights!Who could resist a face like this? Thanks to the high quality faux-leather, the bag keeps its shape nicely. It has 2 detachable and adjustable shoulder straps, so you can wear it as a...
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