Dr. Martens Shoe Polish 50ml Black
Order them together with your shoes: black shoe polish!Net weight: 100 ml.
Dr. Martens Patent Cleaner Spray 150ml
Patent Cleaner, for a gentle cleanse of lacquer leather and vinyl!This water-based agent contains no aggressive chemicals or phosphates and comes in an aerosol free, aluminum spray can. For a renewed shine spray directly onto the surface that needs cleaning...
Dr. Martens Ultra Protector 150ml Spray
Order them together with your Docs: Ultra Protector!Ultra Protector provides a breathable protective layer against dirt, rain, UV-beams and stains. This spray can be safely used on every colour leather, suede, nubuck, nylon or canvas. It's a non-flammable and environmentally...
Dr. Martens Shoe Freshner Spray 100ml
Docs are meant to be worn, so they can all use some of this: Shoe Freshner spray!Contents: 100 ml
Dr. Martens Dubbin Shoe Wax 100ml
Order it together with your shoes: Dubbin shoe wax!Net weight: 100 ml.
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