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Killstar Draegen Snake Shirt Black
Be ready to make an entrance with Draegen!What a showstopper that jet black velvet with light stretch, covered in snakes and mysterious symbols... This unisex model with a regular fit fastens with skull buttons at the front and has long...
Killstar Aniliidae Snake Top Black
You can feel them crawling, the snakes of Aniliidae!She almost seems to be floating with her mesh inserts at the end of the extra long sleeves and the slanted bottom... Even better: it's an easy to slip into shirt made...
Killstar Ossuary Bones Long Sleeve Top Black
You're so obsessed with your bones, you'd rather wear them!The bone print just barely misses the semi-transparent mesh, luckily they stay in place! This straight model is unisex, so suitable for her and him. The front is shorter than the...
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