Unique Vintage Brilliance Carousel 50's Swing Skirt Black
The most elegant carousel you've ever worn!So feminine yet so cute, what a treasure... This beauty is made of no less than 3 layers of fabric, every layer with its own charme!From the waistband without stretch, small pleats flares into...
Punk Rave Butterfly Gauze Chiffon Skirt Black
These butterflies keep fluttering around you!The star of the show is the stunning layer of mesh, where the butterflies almost seem to fly off! Underneath, she has an underskirt without stretch so you don't show too much. Her waist is...
Hell Bunny Infinity Stars 50's Tulle Party Skirt Black
She's as pretty as a sky full of stars: Infinity Stars!This festive skirt is made of 4 (!) layers of soft tule on a satin waistband with no stretch, accompanied by a satin underskirt. But the eyecatcher is (makes sense)...
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