Hell Bunny Samara Ouija 60's Pinafore Dress Black
The biggest dilemma with Samara is what you're going to combine her with first. A scary t-shirt? That Vavavoom off-shoulder top? The choices are endless! She is made of a cotton-mix, giving her a cool look while still having that...
Killstar Paryce Alive Pinafore Dress Black Rainbow
So black and yet a rainbow: it can be done with Paryce Alive!Her shiny lacquer with light stretch has a special rainbow effect, so you get the best of both worlds! You can vary with a fishnet top like in...
Rumble59 Rocking Rosie Jeans 50's Pinafore A-Line Dress Denim Navy
Rumble59 is the best of Rockabilly fashion!Rocking Rosie is the perfect rockabilly throw-on dress, made from 12oz, sturdy denim cotton with no stretch.She's adorned with pockets, on the chest, on the flap, at the back and of course those essential...
Killstar Believer Tarot 2-Piece Dress Black
This tarot cards you don't just read, you wear them!Just for that drawing alone, is your lucky card in there? It's wonderfully soft with its airy viscose-mix with light stretch and its relaxed, non-fitting A-line model allows the print to...
Hell Bunny Jack-O-Lantern Pinafore Dress Black
They grin at you: Jack-O-Lanterns!This special jumpsuit stands out everywhere with dark grey denim full of greyish pumpkins! You can make it as cool or playful as you feel that day, by endlessly combining it with a top like in...
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