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Bright & Beautiful Saffron Groovy Floral 70's Jumper Brown
Saffron makes flowers bloom even in winter!This cutie is nicely warm and adorably floral, and the combination of the big orange flowers with the brown background make for a fun 60's or 70's look. The ribbed seams at the neck,...
€50,95 €40,76
Unique Vintage Smak Parlour Campus Corduroy 60's Skirt Rust Red
On campus and far away from it: this cutie will become your favourite!With her lovely warm colours of corduroy and the playful wavy bottom seam, Campus is a real musthave. Her 100% cotton have no stretch and flare into a...
€50,95 €40,76
Unique Vintage Lena Stripe 40's Blouse Teal Petrol
Spectacular with the metallic stitchings of Lena!Lena herself is the perfect mix of 'dress to impress' and 40's classic, with her bow to tie yourself and impressive puffy sleeves, which are narrow at the wrists thanks to the cuffs with...
€62,95 €50,36
Voodoo Vixen Erin 40's Coat Olive Green
Materials: 97% polyester - 3% elastane. Lining: 100% polyester. Faux-fur: 100% polyester. Washing instructions: Dry cleaning, don't iron.
€128,95 €103,16
Smashed Lemon Fierce For Days 70's Coat Dark Red
As an Amsterdam based brand, Smashed Lemon knows changing weather and has us going outside in style!Timeless, stylish and nicely warm, Fierce For Days checks all the boxes! With her removable sash that accentuates the waist and the buttons, she...
€124,95 €99,96
Run & Fly Paisley Dungarees Blue
Attention: since this is a baggy model and unisex, these dungarees have a different fit than other Run & Fly items.Because life is serious enough as is we couldn't resist this beauty. She is made of a lovely cotton-mix with...
€50,95 €40,76
Unique Vintage x Casper Something Mighty Odd Girly T-Shirt White
Casper the friendly ghost: the limited edition Unique Vintage x Casper collection!Spooky great is what this beauty is, made of 100% breathable cotton with slight stretch. She is close-fitting, making Casper look even more 'alive' ;) Pair her with jeans...
€37,95 €30,36
Smashed Lemon Call Me 70's Jumper Rust
The 70's called, they want their jumper back...Well too bad for them, this cutie is ours! The warm colour and the puffy long sleeves are perfect for autumn. She is made of a mix with knitted viscose, which gives her...
€58,95 €47,16
Smashed Lemon Tiger Army 60's Coat Green Black
As an Amsterdam brand, Smashed Lemon knows changing weather and lets us go outside in style!We don't mind cathing attention with our coats, and tiger print on a dark green background is perfect for that! Even the sash that you...
€116,95 €93,56
Collectif Tave 50's Top Green
Creating a stylish outfit without thinking too much? You can count on Tave!This elegant blouse is breathing the 50s spirit with its cute bow! She's made of a stylish, dark green fabric without stretch that is lovely close-fitting. This beauty...
€29,95 €23,96
Killstar Hauntress Shirt Dress Black
You're the Hauntress in this extraordinary dress!This gem looks as strong as iron, made of a breathable cotton-mix with fine stretch. She's drowning in details: from the cut-outs above the chest to the faux-leather buckles at the waist. Her long...
€52,95 €42,36
Collectif Hattie Sherwood Check 40's Playsuit Multicolour
Summer at the beach or autumn in the woods with cozy pantys: Hattie shines everywhere!What a 40's cutie she is, with her smooth buttons and loose short sleeves. This gingham pearl is made of a smooth fabric with slight stretch,...
€54,95 €43,96
Collectif Cara 50's Cardigan Pink
Don't let the lovely pink colour fool you: Cara makes for a look as strong as iron!Her fuzzy fabric is nicely huggable and has fine stretch, too. Perfect for THE vintage look, we're only missing the milkshake! This cutie ends...
€45,95 €36,76
Collectif Chrissie Floral Embroidery Knitted 50's Top Black
Chrissie is the perfect jumper to save you from the Dutch weather: nice and cozy, airy and covered in embroidered flowers!This cutie is made of an amazingly soft knitted cotton with stretch and has ribbed sleeve ends, making her feel...
€40,95 €32,76
Hell Bunny Amandine 50's Top Black
Let your inner Bardot shine with Hell Bunny!Her fine v-neck and the playful gathering at the chest make her a joy to the eyes, while the soft cotton-mix with fine stretch is just as great to wear. The model is...
€27,95 €22,36
Banned Holly Christmas Cat 40's Jumper Green
These eyes are so blue, you won't only wear them with Christmas!This kittycat is embroidered, which makes her look like she might jump out of the jumper. The jumper is made of a cozy viscose-mix with slight stretch, with a...
€35,95 €28,76
Run and Fly Memphis 60's Dungarees Black
Attention: since this is a baggy model and unisex, these dungarees have a different fit than other Run & Fly items.Let it all out with Memphis!Because life is serious enough as is we couldn't resist this beauty. She is made...
€54,95 €43,96
Collectif Silvia Hedgehog & Leaves 50's Swing Skirt Red
Look at those cute hedgehogs between the beautiful autumn leaves!Silvia is the perfect skirt for fall with her beautiful cotton-mix and a slight stretch. Her square, sewn on pockets and convenient and playful, while the figure seams add a beautiful...
€45,95 €36,76
Banned Houndstooth 60's Jumper Burgundy Color
Warm or stylish: why choose?She's also joyful with her cozy looking check pattern. Good news: her strong viscose-mix with slight stretch makes her feel cozy, too!The little v's at the half long sleeves are a playful wink, and she has...
€41,95 €33,56
Banned Hearts 50's Jumper Rust
Have your heart skip a beath for the Hearts Jumper!Even jumpers come with a great detail with Banned, for example these tops are having an elegant v at the ends of the sleeves, that is adorned with a supercute bow!...
€27,95 €22,36
Collectif Alizee Peacock Land 70's Trousers Purple
She looks like she came straight out of the Summer of Love, luckily Alizee is made of viscose ;)Alizee is worn in the waistline, down from which the elastic waistband flares out through pleats into nice wide trouser legs. She's...
€45,95 €36,76
Unique Vintage Smak Parlour Resident Artist Polka 60's Blouse Black Orange
We'd like to introduce you to Smak Parlour, the 60's sister of Unique Vintage!Not only is the semi-transparent fabric without stretch covered in orange polkadots, it also has a bold stripe! This cutie is the perfect mix of 'dress to...
€50,95 €40,76
Hell Bunny Kimmie Top Black
Set your inner Bardot free with Hell Bunny!With her lovely bright colour she's a joy to the eyes, while her soft cotton-mix with a nice stretch feels just as dreamy to wear. Her cut is Vavavoom, with the cap sleeves...
€25,95 €20,76
Banned Pocket Cat Christmas 40's Blouse White
What's peeping out of your chest pocket? An embroidered kitty, with a Christmas hat! The Peter Pan collar is adorned, too, with festive mistle toes. This beauty is made of a slightly transparent, soft chiffon without stretch. Her sleeves are...
€35,95 €28,76
Banned Raptor Leopard 50's Jumper Red
Endlessly long leopard sleeves? Raptor is there for you, with thumb holes!How could you resist a spicy jumper like Raptor, with her smooth fabric that feels nicely cozy and soft? The sleeves have thums holes so that even your hands...
€29,95 €23,96
Killstar Headcase Skulls Leggings Black
You see them rolling: skulls!You never feel lonely with all those skulls, that you find all over the jersey-fabric with slight stretch, which is perfect to accent your curves spooky well. The waistband is elastic, so you can simply slip...
€33,95 €27,16
Killstar Walk The Line Stripe 80's Mini Skirt Black White
Beetlejuice, but 70's style!She looks like a garter belt with the clips at the bottom, but good news: she's a skirt! Her black and white striped, smooth fabric has fine stretch, which makes your curves pop out perfectly. Thanks to...
€27,95 €22,36
Hell Bunny True Love Hearts 50's Swing Skirt Black
That's what true love feels like!You can only fall in love with the hearts in all colours of the rainbow on the black viscose without stretch, what a beauty! From the waistband, which has no stretch, but an elasticated panel...
€41,95 €33,56
Killstar Survival Kit Pentagram Top Black
With the Survival Kit Top you'll make it through the summer!With the pentagram-straps on the back, nobody will deny your witchy vibes. This gem is made of a soft, breathable 100% cotton with slight stretch and is decorated with all...
€25,95 €20,76
Banned Holly Cat Christmas 50's Jumper Green
These eyes are so blue, you won't only wear them with Christmas!This kittycat is embroidered, which makes her look like she might jump out of the jumper. The jumper is made of a cozy viscose-mix with slight stretch, with a...
€35,95 €28,76
Banned Camera Snap 50's Jumper Green
Smile for the camera!We take pictures of precious moments, just as beautiful as this jumper! This cutie is covered in embroidered cameras, which makes them look like they could jump off this beauty any moment. She's made of a cozy...
€37,95 €30,36
Hell Bunny Gabby 50's Swing Skirt Red
Gabby is that convenient skirt that cannot lack from your wardrobe!For a height of 1.70, she ends above the knees and is therefore a bit shorter than most other Hell Bunny skirts. Nice and playful for any occasion! She's worn...
€33,95 €27,16
Killstar Disillusion Bat 80's Top Black
Pure Rock ’n Roll, bat style!As if the zipper in the front (which she closes with) wasn't bad-ass enough, the adjustale buckles are adorned with bats, too! This beauty is made of a smooth fabric with stretch, so you can...
€41,95 €33,56
Killstar Mandrake Velvet Lace Maxi Skirt Black
Morticia nods approvingly for Mandrake!Her pitchblack velvet is incredibly soft and perfect for teh summer with her black lace insets... She has slight stretch, which makes her a beautiful nightmare to wear and puts your curves in the perfect light....
€50,95 €40,76
Dickies Ladies Hellier T-Shirt Red
Dickies, the USA based brand that now makes bad ass clothing for girls!Quality can be seen all throughout the Dickies collection and t-shirts are no exeption! Her just a tad shorter length gives her a sporty look, which you can...
€25,95 €20,76

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