Irregular Choice Boombox Bestie 80's High Top Sneakers Pink Green
They're like the 80's themselves: colourful, bright, a little bit crazy and absolutely unique!The pink boombox is blasting the glitters out of the speakers, while the pattern and the metallics on the beautiful faux-leather give you a warm retro feeling......
€174,95 €122,47
Irregular Choice Poodle Fancy 60's Shoes Black
Yes, slippers by Irregular Choice!Of course with that special touch of Irregular Choice, with a fabric top with embroidered text and poodle. The soft footbed, elastic pieces next to the flap and the thick, inclining sole have you walking on...
€112,95 €79,07
Irregular Choice Gaming Power Up Shoes Purple
Level Up with the Gaming collection!Are you ready for the Power Up loafers? These brilliant shoes are covered in a recognisable pattern with game-inspired figurines on a beautiful quality faux leather. And as a bonus they have GAME-OVER embroidered across...
€112,95 €67,77
Irregular Choice Kitty Walk 80's Sneakers Purple
How would you call this kitty and doggy? Because, well 2 shoes mean 2 different friends!Left has an extraordinarily well moustache-d doggy head, finished with ears that poke out! The eyebrows as well as the moustache are actually hairy, and...
€149,95 €89,97
Irregular Choice Savannah Giraffe Zebra Flats Black
The Savannah is too amazing to just show one animal, so they have a giraffe and zebra on the noses!Luckily they're not natural enemies, so we can safely enjoy all those stunning animals :) All those stunning details are embroidered,...
€99,95 €59,97
T.U.K Western Buckle Pointed Vegan Creepers Black
For buckles this awesome we're willing to let out a bit of our inner cow girl ;)And you'll be enjoying them every day, because it's what you close her with! She is our perfect fall shoe: open enough to show...
€95,95 €76,76
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