Irregular Choice x Tom and Jerry Christmas Party Scarf Blue
Ready for the Holiday season with Irregular Choice!A bit of chaos is inevitable on this scarf, made of a lovely soft fabric that is woven so thin, it's slightly transparent. Perfect to drape around your shoulders against a cool breeze,...
€41,95 €29,37
Collectif Spring Floral 40's Scarf Navy
Measurements: 23 cm x 23 cm. Materials: 100% viscose
€16,95 €13,56
Punk Rave Dark Romance Veil Black
For your dark wedding or simply because she's so bizarrely pretty: the Dark Romance veil!This beauty has no fixation, and she doesn't need one: thanks to the weight of all those stunning 3D flowers, she falls around you beautifully...Do we...
€66,95 €46,87
Banned Halloween Scarf White
To keep yourself warm or to protect yourself from creatures: the Halloween scarves by Banned!Made of 100% viscose, they're lovely lightweight, while their size of 180 cm x 90 cm is big enough to wrap them around your neck nicely.Warm,...
€16,95 €13,56
Banned Frankenstein Round Collar Black Green
They were made for each other!Frankenstein's monster and his bride, both are displayed on this creepy cute collar, that closes with a ribbon in the front. The back is adorned in green satin. Perfect for a spooky-touch for every look!It's...
€16,95 €13,56
Unique Vintage x Jaws Movie Logo Scarf White Blue
Get bitten by the sharp teeth of our favourite shark: Jaws!You instantly hear that threatening melody when you wear this snappy scarf, that is covered with the Jaws logo. In your hair, around your bag or around your neck, he'll...
€16,95 €13,56
Collectif White Kitty Scarf White
Can you see it around your neck already: this brilliant scarf in the shape of a cat!The cut-out paws make for a unique look. With a length of 117 cm you can wrap it around your neck, but it's also...
€16,95 €13,56
Irregular Choice Gaming Scarf Green Yellow
Level Up with the Gaming collection!Hide away in this awesome scarf while you're gaming, made of a lovely soft fabric which is slightly transparant because she's woven thinly. Perfect for throwing over your shoulders against a breeze, or around your...
€33,95 €23,77
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