Smashed Lemon Dilly Dally Polkadot Flowers 60's A-Line Dress Navy Pink
Dilly Dally-ing, our favourite summer activity!This floral succes is made of a lovely airy 100% viscose without stretch, that dances along when you amble along the boulevard...or the canteen! She slightly flares from the waist and steals the show with...
€58,95 €29,48
Smashed Lemon Bed Of Roses 60's A-Line Dress Black Pink
You're hearing the song in your head but now you're seeing them too: Bed of Roses!The romantic flowers are splashing off of this cutie, while the princess seams make your curves shine. She is made of a firmer fabric with...
€66,95 €33,48
Smashed Lemon Who? Telephone 60's Pencil Dress Yellow Blue
Who's calling there, the doctor?The blue phone booths immediately made us think of a certain tv-show, which, with her origin being the 60s, is more than vintage-approved ;)Smashed Lemon has the perfect 'jump in and look like a million bucks'...
€58,95 €29,48
Smashed Lemon Power of Love 60's A-Line Dress Blue Red
Show the Power of Love with these sweet interlocked love hearts!Smashed Lemon has the perfect 'jump right in and look like a million bucks' collection, with her stretchy, smooth fabric with a gorgeous print. She has a wrap on the...
€58,95 €29,48
Smashed Lemon Flower Picking 60's Pencil Dress Multi
Some flowers are too good to 'just' show life sized!That's why the flowers on Flower Picking are larger than life, if only the garden looked like this ;) Smashed Lemon has the perfect 'jump right in and enjoy' collection, with...
€66,95 €33,48
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