Banned 50's Petticoat Lang Dark Green

We've seen alot of petticoats come and go, but the petticoats by Banned are by far the softest!

We were pleasantly surprised with these fluffy petticoats. They're made up of two layers of soft chiffon that both have a cheerfully wrinkled edge for even more volume. Underneath is a shorter under-skirt so the petticoat doesn't stick to the tights. The top is a soft satin and feels lovely on your skin. These petticoats are adjustable in length and width by using the buttons in the elastic.

A musthave for fans of swing dresses! This version is the longest and it's about 68 cm long.

Materials: 80% Polyamide - 17% Polyester - 3% Elastane. Washing instructions: Hand wash, lay down to dry, do not iron, do not machine dry and do not bleach.
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