Banned Bag of Tricks Bag With Magnetic Paws

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This cat head bag has a trick indeed: she can cover her eyes! The magic is in the magnets in the paws and behind the eyes, so you can have no, one, or both eyes covered with a paw as you wish. This rebel cat has a jingling bell in her ear.

With her size of 28 cm wide x 26 cm tall x 9 cm deep she is spacious enough for all your important things such as your phone and keys. On the back you'll find a zipper pocket. You can hold her by the handle, but she also comes with a detachable shoulderstrap.

Secretly you can't stop playing with it, paw on eye, paw hanging, paw on eye, guaranteed ;)

Materials: 100% faux-leather. Dimensions: 28 cm wide x 26 cm tall x 9 cm deep
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Katzentasche einmalig und ein Hingucker

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